Guide to Buying Real Estate in Dubai

Step 1: Understanding Your Budget

Before falling in love with a property, it’s crucial to have a clear picture of your affordability. Our Keyworth Properties experts will help you determine your budget, covering:

Down payment requirements
Mortgage options and interest rates (if applicable)
Associated fees (agency, transfer)

Step 2: Get Mortgage Pre-Approval (If Needed)

Pre-approval strengthens your position as a buyer and confirms your spending power. We’ll guide you through the process and connect you with reliable mortgage providers.

Step 3: Partner with a Keyworth Properties Agent

Our team isn’t just about showing properties; we’re about understanding your needs. The more details you share about your lifestyle, budget, and property goals, the better we can personalize your search.

Step 4: Find Your Dream Dubai Property

Let the excitement begin! Your dedicated Keyworth agent will curate a selection of properties matching your criteria. We’ll schedule viewings and guide you through each option.

Step 5: Submit Your Offer

Feeling confident you’ve found “the one”? We’ll help you submit a strong offer in writing, including the deposit and necessary documentation.

Step 6: Sign the MOU (Form F)

With an accepted offer, we’ll prepare the Memorandum of Understanding, outlining the terms of the sale. Both parties sign, and the deposit is secured.

Step 7: Navigating the Sales Process

Our team ensures a smooth sales progression experience. We’ll handle:

Mortgage coordination (if needed)
Seller’s mortgage settlement
No Objection Certificate (NOC) application

Step 8: Secure Your NOC

We’ll work closely with the developer to obtain the NOC, signifying approval for the property transfer.

Step 9: Finalizing the Transfer & Welcome Home!

At the Dubai Land Department, ownership officially transfers to you. Our team supports you through the final steps, ensuring a seamless process.

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